IUFoST By-Laws


IUFoST CONSTITUTION/BY-LAWS as accepted by Corporations Canada under the Canada Not-for-Profit Act

The International Union of Food Science and Technology Inc. (IUFoST) is an international, non- governmental and non-profit scientific association of national organisations (termed Adhering Bodies), one from each member country, each one representative of food scientists and food technologists in that country.

  1. Vision

To be recognised as the international organisation that most effectively supports and represents food professionals and other food sector constituencies; meeting their needs and aspirations by continuous refinement and improvement of a range of services, delivered according to the specific needs of regions, countries and of those we serve.

  1. Mission

To promote international co-operation and information exchange, to provide education and training to food scientists, food technologists and food engineers around the world and to promote professionalism and professional organisation among food scientists, food technologists and food engineers.

To strengthen global food science and technology for humanity.

  1. Objectives

The objectives of the organisation (IUFoST) are the encouragement and fostering of:

(a)  international co-operation and exchange of (scientific and technological knowledge and ideas among food scientists and technologists, advise and consult with international organisations such as The International Council for Science (ICSU) of which IUFoST is a member Union, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations International Development Organisation (UNIDO) and other organisations of similar nature in the area of food science and technology.

(b)  further development of and support for food science and technology research;

(c)  progress in the fields of theoretical and applied food science for improvements in the processing, manufacturing, preservation, and distribution of food;

(d)  education and training of food scientists and technologists;

(e)  development of both individual professionalism and professional organisation among food scientists and technologists; and

(f) co-operation with other international organisations whose discipline could have an influence on food science and food technology, eg. water, soil, nutrition and chemistry.



The seal, an impression whereof is stamped in the margin hereof, shall be the seal of the Organisation (IUFoST).


The headquarters for the Organisation (IUFoST) is in the Town of Oakville, Regional Municipality of Halton, in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

3. IUFoST MEMBERS and Other IUFoST ASSOCIATES (voting and non voting)

3A. Adhering Bodies (voting)

IUFoST, which is an international, scientific, non-profit and non-governmental body, is open to all countries. Membership shall consist of one representative body, termed an “Adhering Body,” from each country. The term ‘country’ shall be understood to include food scientists and technologists representing a defined geographical area (or areas) which has an independent budget for scientific purposes; there shall be only one Adhering Body representing each such area or scientific community. In such cases the Adhering Body will be listed under a name that will avoid any misunderstanding about the territory represented. An Adhering Body shall be one of the following:

  1. a national food science and/or food technology society, institute, or similar group composed of food scientists and/or food engineers, and/or food technologists,
  2. an academy of sciences, a national research council, or a similar organisation of scientists,
  3. an inter-society committee, or similar group, representing two or more societies composed of food scientists, and/or food engineers, and/or food technologists,
  4. a national committee representing food scientists and/or food engineers, and/or food technologists of that country or a government named group working in the field of food science and food technology.

Each Adhering Body exercises votes from 1 – 3 in proportional representation of its national membership.

3B. Governing Council (voting)

The voting members of the Governing Council act and vote in the best interest of IUFoST and not on behalf of their Adhering Body.

3C. Secretary-General (non voting)

3D. Institutions and Corporations (non voting)

Institutions may be admitted as Institutional Associate Members, and commodity associations and commercial enterprises as Corporate Associate Members.

3E. Regional Groups (non voting)

Regional Associations of IUFoST; The European Federation of Food Science & Technology (EFFoST); The Federation of Institutes of Food Science & Technology of ASEAN (FIFSTA); Western African Association of Food Science and Technology (WAAFoST); La Asociación Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos (ALACCTA) and such other regional groups as may be formed and approved from time to time) may be admitted to all activities open to the Adhering Bodies.


a) IUFoST pursues its Mission, Vision, and Objectives by means of, including but not limited to, international congresses, regional or world-wide conferences and symposia, co-operation with other international, governmental, and non-governmental scientific organisations, sponsorship of continuing professional education, technical assistance programs, publication and dissemination of scientific and technical information by means appropriate to the need, and provision of other services desired by those with whom IUFoST interacts.

b) IUFoST maintains an Academy called The International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) as one organ to accomplish its mission.

c) IUFoST encourages productive bilateral arrangements between Adhering Bodies, and the formation of effective regional groups, the latter with approval by the Governing Council and ratification by the General Assembly.

d) IUFoST and its Adhering Bodies agree that IUFoST and its regional groups are the instrument of choice for activities beyond their own borders, other than bilateral arrangements with another Adhering Body or where other bilateral arrangements or regional groupings already exist.

e) IUFoST publishes scientific journals, newsletters, Information Bulletins and/or proceedings of congresses, symposia, or other types of meetings sponsored by it.

f) IUFoST is a member of the International Council of Science (ICSU). It promotes and supports the objectives of ICSU in the area of Food Science and Technology. Relations and cooperation with other ICSU Unions and international bodies are encouraged, subject to ratification by the General Assembly.


IUFoST Structure

IUFoST consists of the:

a) General Assembly, which represents country members and Governing Council members

b) Officers (President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, Scientific Council Chair, Secretary General)

c) Board (Officers)

d) Governing Council (six regular members)

e) Scientific Council

f) Working Groups, commissions and/or other functioning bodies to carry out the programmes of IUFoST

g) The International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST)

h) The Secretariat

5A. General Assembly


  1. The General Assembly is the meeting of members of IUFoST. Each Adhering Body shall be allocated delegates and voting rights to the General Assembly on the basis of its annual contribution. Delegates are members of the General Assembly.
  2. Actions of the General Assembly taken either directly or by ratification of the decisions of the Governing Council, are carried out in accordance with laws of the countries involved and under conditions and opportunities available there.
  3. Candidates for election or appointment to any office or position in IUFoST, where such election or appointment is by the General Assembly shall be members of the General Assembly, except for the positions of Chair, Chair-elect, Past Chair and Councillors of the Scientific Council.


  1. The General Assembly shall hold its regular face-to face meetings biennially, with the annual Governing Council meeting serving in between as a meeting of members.
  2. The General Assembly shall hold its regular face-to-face meetings at the time of the IUFoST international congresses of food science and technology.

5B. Governing Council


  1. The Governing Council shall be comprised of the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, the Scientific Council Chair, the Secretary-General (non- voting) and six (6) regular members elected from the General Assembly. The President of the International Academy is a voting member of the Governing Council. In the Governing Council, all its voting members act and vote in the best interest of the Union, and not on behalf of their Adhering Body; save that the Scientific Council Chair abstains from voting on matters of finance or expenditure.


  1. The President may call meetings of the Governing Council at any reasonable time, but at a minimum of annually.

5C. Board


  1. The Board is comprised of the President, President-elect, Scientific Council Chair, Immediate Past President and Secretary-General.


The officers of IUFoST are the President, President-elect, Immediate Past President and Scientific Council Chair, who are elected by the General Assembly for terms corresponding to IUFoST Congresses and the Secretary-General, as an appointed officer. The holders of the elect position shall proceed to a subsequent term as President or Chair. The duties of the President and President-elect and other positions shall be such as usually pertain to the office they hold.

5D. International Academy of Food Science and Technology

1. The purposes of the Academy are to:

a)  identify and recognise individuals distinguished by their scientific and 
professional contribution to food science and technology,

b)  further improve international co-operation and exchange of information,

c)  promote food science and technology and other sciences of importance to 
IUFoST’s discipline

d)  stimulate international education and training in food science and technology.


2. The Academy is an elected group of distinguished food scientists and technologists who serve as Fellows of the Academy. In their role as members of the Academy the Fellows represent no organisation, and shall serve as independent persons. The Academy collectively forms a pool of scientific expertise in food science and technology from which IUFoST may draw expert advice on scientific matters.

5E. Scientific Council


  1. The Scientific Council is composed of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, and two Scientific Councillors and the President of the International Academy. The President of IUFoST and the Secretary-General are non-voting members.


  1. The Scientific Council operates in conjunction with the Governing Council and the Board, but has no role in the Union’s financial affairs. Its responsibilities include maintenance of the scientific standard of all IUFoST activities.


  1. The Scientific Council Chair may call meetings of the Scientific Council at any reasonable time, but at a minimum of annually.

5F. Working Groups, Commissions, Activities

Task Forces and Working Groups

The Governing Council may establish committees, working groups, and task forces, each defined by a statement of tangible and measurable objectives and accountabilities closely related to current high-priority objects of IUFoST. These committees, Working Groups and Task Forces will cease to exist when the primary purpose for which they were formed has been achieved and a report submitted.

Regional, Disciplinary and Student Groupings

The formation of regional, disciplinary and student groupings within IUFoST shall be subject to ratification of their constitution by the General Assembly. Such ratification shall occur only if the proposed objectives are consistent with those of IUFoST. Disciplinary and student groupings may promulgate their own rules governing their membership but their objectives must be consistent with those of IUFoST.


Specific problems related to the mission of the Union shall be studied by special commissions established for the purpose. Such scientific commissions may be created, with the advice of the Scientific Council, by the General Assembly, the Governing Council, or the Board, which shall appoint the members of the commissions and/or modify and/or dissolve existing commissions. Each commission may create sub- commissions or other subdivisions to carry out special missions. Each sub-group shall be responsible to the parent commission for its activities.

Sponsorship, organisation, and staging of international congresses

Adhering Bodies desiring to organise and stage a world congress of food science and technology shall issue formal written invitations to the Secretary-General according to procedure following the call for bids for that congress, and shall commit in writing to adhere to the published Congress guidelines in effect at the time of the invitation. The Governing Council is authorised to accept one of these invitations and to authorise the host country to proceed with plans and preparations for the next congress. The host country (Adhering Body) is responsible for planning and staging the Congress according to the established guidelines and procedures set out, once its invitation has been accepted.


IUFoST may publish scientific journals, newsletters, and/or proceedings of congresses, symposia, or other types of meetings sponsored by it.

International Cooperation

Establishment of relations and cooperation with other international bodies will be encouraged.


a) Candidates for election or appointment to any office or position in IUFoST where such election or appointment is by the General Assembly shall be members of the General Assembly, or have been a member at some time during the previous eight (8) years or have been actively involved in an IUFoST Advisory Committee or Working Group or Task Force within the past eight (8) years, except for the positions of Chair, Chair-elect and Councillors of the Scientific Council for which candidates shall be Fellows of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology. Candidates for President Elect should normally have served on, or be closely acquainted with the work of, the Governing Council during the previous eight (8) years. Policies and procedures regarding the elections are reviewed and updated prior to each election.


The duties of the President, President-Elect, Past President, Scientific Council Chair and Secretary-General, Regular Members of the Governing Council, Academy Executive Council and Scientific Council shall be such as usually pertain to the office they hold, the responsibilities assigned and such other duties as may be designated by the Governing Council or the General Assembly.


Contracts, documents or any instruments in writing requiring the signature of IUFoST shall be signed by the President, President-elect, Immediate Past President or Secretary- General and all contracts, documents and instruments in writing so signed shall be binding upon the Union without any further authorization or formality.


The minutes of the Governing Council meetings and General Assembly meetings shall be available to the general membership of IUFoST.


Unless otherwise ordered by the Governing Council, the fiscal year of IUFoST shall be the calendar year.


a) Each Adhering Body shall pay an annual assessment that will entitle that body to voting delegates in the General Assembly.

b) There shall be an Entrance Fee for new member countries.

c) The Governing Council shall propose one (1) year in advance of each General Assembly any variation to the entrance fee or annual fees and shall submit the proposal to a vote of the Adhering Bodies by postal or electronic mail ballot.

d) The financing of special projects of IUFoST shall be kept distinct from general expenditures and an Adhering Body shall be committed only for the general contribution as scheduled above.

e) The annual assessments shall be paid during the calendar year to which they apply.


All necessary books and records shall be regularly and properly kept at IUFoST Headquarters.


Discharge of Liability shall be considered granted automatically through the gathering of the General Assembly at the biennial meetings.


Policies and Procedures related to the actions and activities of IUFoST are available and are updated as required prior to each world congress.

The By-Laws were developed between 2012 and 2015 in response to the new parameters and roll-out of the Canada Not-For-Profit ActThe By-Laws were reviewed in February 2017 to confirm adherence to the Canada Not-for-Profit Act and accepted by Corporations Canada.