Nominations Criteria

  • Nominations for election as Fellows may be made by:
    • Adhering Bodies
    • Fellows of the International Academy
  • To be eligible for election as a Fellow, a person must be generally recognized as having established an outstanding reputation for scientific accomplishments and/or leadership in the area of food science and technology.
  • A maximum of 30 new Fellows per congress period may be elected by the International Academy. The elections take place prior the each World Congress. At the time of nomination, candidates must be active though not necessarily employed. The name of the Academy files are shown in a list on the Academy Fellows page.
  • Before sending in the nomination forms, please ascertain that the nominee:
  1. Understands the requirements for Fellow;
  2. Will provide relevant cv information to you as nominator to enable completion of a nominator’s form;
  3. Undertakes to complete a nominee’s form;
  4. Understands that this is not a selection/rejection process by a jury, but a democratic election in which the voters are the existing Fellows; and
  5. Understands that if (as is very likely) worldwide nominations exceed 30, after elimination of those receiving “yes” votes from less that 2/3rds of voting Fellows, only the 30 receiving the highest number of votes will be elected. You will appreciate that requirements (a) through (e) mean that “surprise” nominations made without the knowledge of the nominee will not be accepted.
  • In completing the forms, please be aware that scientific accomplishments can have been achieved in various fields and not just academic research; and that and/or leadership is intended to provide an alternative to scientific accomplishments and again may have been exercised in various contexts.
  • Nominations may be made by any eligible nominator (as above) and the nominations are not restricted to the country of the nominator.

Academy Fellow Nominator Form: /nominator-form

Academy Fellow Nominee Form: /nominee-form