IUFoST provides education and training for food scientists and technologists and related disciplines around the world by providing experts for short courses, organizing conferences and symposia alongside IUFoST Adhering Bodies, supporting curricula development in institutions around the world, and by providing resources where there is need in a number of key areas.

IUFoST is committed to improving the knowledge of people working in the food industry and using web-based technologies to distribute knowledge of food science and technology.

Distance Education is a key component and includes the following action areas:

  • Identify institutions that offer food science and technology courses for academic credit,
  • Develop training programs for professional continuing education,
  • Identify resources for use in teaching food science and technology.

IUFoST has spearheaded a new series of Food Safety Regulatory Workshops addressing the many regulatory challenges associated with food safety and aimed at different audiences: food regulators, health professionals and dieticians, NGOs, and the media.

The Visiting Professor Programme significantly impacts the education and training of food scientists worldwide by bringing international expertise to them, their universities and their countries

IUFoST has significant expertise in responding to requests for assistance in relation to food science and technology curricula. It collaborated with scientists from many fields from around the world to develop an approval process for food science and technology curricula, which is already established and growing as institutions from around the world apply for international recognition of their programmes and facilities through IUFoST.

Institutions receiving the IUFoST Food Science and Technology programme Certificate of Recognition meet stringent outcome-based requirements. IUFoST reviews teaching programmes and related facilities to ensure that they meet international guidelines in food science and technology programmes of study.

IUFoST certification recognizes each institution’s commitment to providing students with the highest quality food science and technology education.

In 2012, IUFoST was commissioned by the World Bank to lead the Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative (GFSCI), which will identify gaps in food safety curricula, build capacity, and establish and harmonize core competencies at the university and graduate levels. IUFoST’s experience in facilitating curricula-related projects has brought together partners from across academia, industry and government to determine what constitutes an international standard for core food safety curricula, implement a recognition programme for existing programmes that meet those standards, and identify any remaining gaps in food safety programming.

These important education-based programmes are consistent with IUFoST’s mission to promote international cooperation and information exchange, to provide education and training to food scientists and technologists around the world, and to promote professionalism and professional organization among food scientists and technologists.

Read about the IUFoST Education Committee here.