Food 101 – Stories About Food

Over 60 reader-friendly articles by Dr. Don Mercer, University of Guelph, Canada, are available online. Created as one of IUFoST’s food education initiatives, they present important information in a way that helps consumers to make informed choices and avoid food-related health issues, amongst other things. Examples of the range of articles available include The Origin of the Metric System; Syneresis: A big word for an annoying problem; Food Drying-‘DIY’; and Food Spoilage-You know its spoiled when…

Latest Food 101 Stories

1. The Origin of the Metric System

2. Six Elephants on a Dime!

3. Syneresis: A big word for an annoying problem

4. An Impressive Natural Defense Mechanism

5. Processing Food Using an Electric Current

6. Some Serious Action at the Molecular Level

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