IUFoST promotes international cooperation and professional organization among food scientists, technologists and engineers and fosters the exchange of knowledge relating to the expansion, improvement, distribution and conservation of the worlds food supply. IUFoST sponsors international and regional congresses, conferences, workshops and symposia, and encourages appropriate education and training in food science and technology.

The General Assembly develops IUFoST policies and actions. Its
responsibilities include the consideration of proposals involving international cooperative scientific activities, approval of methods to finance IUFoST activities and reports of expenditure, oversight of rules, and procedures governing IUFoST and elections of IUFoST Governing Council.

Assembly resolutions dealing with scientific and technical cooperation are adopted by a majority of the members present. Resolutions are advisory to the Adhering Bodies, and may be adjusted to comply with the laws and conditions of the nations involved. Each member nation is allocated a number of voting delegates to the General Assembly on the basis of its annual fee assessment. The Governing Council has the power to admit an adhering body to non-voting membership without fee. The General Assembly holds its meeting to coincide with the IUFoST world congresses of food science and technology.

National Bodies (Adhering Bodies) of IUFoST and members of
the General Assembly are listed here

The Governing Council executes the policies of the General Assembly. Its responsibilities include authorization to decide on time and place of the world food congresses and other events sponsored by IUFoST and to assist host nations in the planning of such events. It acts on IUFoST membership applications. The Governing Council is elected by the General Assembly to direct the affairs of the Union and to work in the best interests of all members of IUFoST, not an individual adhering body.

IUFoST Governing Council term 2014-2016


Dr. Rickey Yada, Canada

Past President: Dr. Pingfan Rao, China

President Elect: Dr. Dietrich Knorr, Austria

Scientific Council Chair: Professor Daryl Lund, USA

Secretary-General/Treasurer: Judith Meech, Canada

Regular Members

Darunee Edwards, Thailand

Dr. Michael Knowles, Belgium

Rosemary Maguire, South Africa

Professor Mariusz Piskula, Poland

Jairo Romero, Colombia

Lara Hannah Wakim, Lebanon

Academy President: Professor Delia Rodriguez-Amaya, Brazil

The Board implements strategies to achieve the objectives set by the Governing Council, approving or modifying working groups, task forces and committee membership, preparing for approval and release the activities of the working groups, scientific commissions, and other Union bodies and approving country membership applications.  The Board provides general oversight for the Secretariat.

The Scientific Councils responsibilities include maintenance of the scientific standard and integrity of all IUFoST activities. It is also responsible for recommendations to the Secretary-General, with the advice from the designated Fellows of the Academy, chairs and members of working groups, task forces to carry out specific tasks such as preparation of position papers and offering of expert advice.  The Scientific Council does not play a role in the Unions financial affairs.  The Scientific Council is an elected body.  Members of the Scientific Council are all Fellows who are elected by other Academy Fellows, subject to General Assembly ratification.

Members of the IUFoST Scientific Council, term 2014-2016

Chair: Dr. Daryl Lund, USA

Past Chair: Dr. Gustavo Barbosa Canovas, USA

Chair Elect: Professor Lucia Anelich, South Africa

Councillor: Dr. Rui Hai Lui, USA

Councillor: Professor Fereidoon Shahidi, Canada

Academy President: Professor Delia Rodriguez-Amaya, Brazil

International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST)

The International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) is an elected
group of distinguished food scientists, technologists and engineers who serve
as Fellows of the Academy. Academy Fellows represent no organisation and serve
as independent persons. The Academy collectively forms a pool of scientific
expertise from which the Union may draw non-aligned expert advice on scientific
matters. The Academy nominates candidates for the Scientific Council for
General Assembly approval. The Academy nominates the Distinguished Lecturer for
each IUFoST world congress.

The Executive Council of the Academy (ECA) directs the work of the Academy. The Academy Executive Council is elected from amongst the Academy Fellows and by the Academy Fellows.

Members of the Academy Executive Council, term 2014-2016

President: Professor Delia Rodriguez-Amaya, Brazil

Past President: Professor Walter Spiess, Germany

President Elect: Professor Ruth Oniang’o, Kenya

Councillor: Professor Paul Singh, USA

Councillor: Professor Been- Huang Chiang, Taiwan

For additional information on the International Academy:

Assisting the Governing Council are numerous policy and ad hoc committees, working groups and task forces that address research and policy objectives.

IUFoST also works with other international organization to achieve its policy objectives.  IUFoST is one of only 31 Unions worldwide elected to membership in the International Council for Science (ICSU).  In addition, IUFoST works with FAO, WHO, ILSI, many other UN bodies and scientific unions and international bodies to strengthen food science and technology for humanity.

Administration and daily operations of IUFoST are carried
out by the General Secretariat, which is the official address of the Union:

112 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6L 3C1

Email:, tel: + 1 905 815 1926.