Scientific Reports & Resources

The Scientific Council issues Scientific Information Bulletins on major topics of importance to the global food science community ý food professionals, legislators, food industry. The Bulletins are compiled by international experts selected by the Scientific Council. The main expert resource for these and other scientific outputs from the Union is the International Academy of Food Science and Technology.

Through the INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (IFST), United Kingdom, Information Statements are also available on today’s food-related hot topics.

Technical Reports in the form of ppt presentations are made available for those IUFoST symposia that are not recorded in full publication.

A comprehensive review of food-related databases and information sources are listed through the efforts of the IUFoST Database and Information Services Working Group.

In a major joint effort FAO and IUFoST established a global database of food science and technology research projects addressing worldwide food needs. Researchers involved in food science and technology research projects relevant to worldwide food needs especially those of developing countries are invited to contribute brief key details of their projects to a new searchable database developed and operated jointly by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST).

<>Please participate. The database is at