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IUFoST stimulates the exchange of knowledge in the international food science and technology community through the annual review of the state of global food science and technology, textbooks, review papers, in its official journals and electronic magazines. Proceedings from IUFoST symposia and congresses are published in many forms and as part of its mission, IUFoST supports all forms of scientific and technical information and communication among members of the worldwide Food Science Community. IUFoST symposia and congress proceedings are published to provide rapid dissemination of latest focussed and interdisciplinary scientific information to the international community.

6 New Food 101 Stories!


1. The Origin of the Metric System

2. Six Elephants on a Dime!

3. Syneresis: A big word for an annoying problem

4. An Impressive Natural Defense Mechanism

5. Processing Food Using an Electric Current

6. Some Serious Action at the Molecular Level


Food 101 – 53 Original Stories

1. Food Drying – ‘DIY’

2. Solar Drying – Let the Dryer Beware

3. Food Spoilage – You know its spoiled when…

4. Turkey Cooking – Don’t be a “Turkey” When It Comes to Food Safety

5. Cranberries – A Business That Likes to Be “In the Red”

6. Coffee Beans – The Long Journey of a Little Bean

7. Tea – It’s All in the Leaves

8. Maple Syrup – Kemptville Campus Agro-Forestry Centre: A Modern Approach to an Old Tradition

9. Mangoes in Malawi

10. Baby Carrots – The “Jurassic Park” Approach in Action

11. Ancient Food – Looking Back… Way Back!

12. Backyard Nutrition – Taste and Nutrition, Right in Your Own Backyard

13. The Marvels of Cinnamon

14. The Power of Doubling

15. Probiotics – Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Nutraceuticals

16. Food Additives – “Dad, what’s sodium bicker-bonnet?”

17. Intro to Food Drying – Planning ahead for summer

18. Decaffeination – An interesting history

19. Power Outages – A really “cool” idea

20. Jam Making – Why all the sugar?

21. Adding some Sparkle and Glow to your life

22. Fats 1

23. Fats 2

24. Sugar in the Salt

25. Dandelions

26. Expiry Dates

27. Super Slurpers

28. Modifying the Atmosphere for Quality

29. Looking for Sweetness Without the Calories

30. A Look at “Malnutrition Matters”

31. Osmosis – Nature’s Water Pump

32. Salt is Salt – Or Is It? 

33. The Challenge of Drying Berries

34. Potato Battery

35. E-coli Article

36. Blanching

37. Ice Crystals

38. Global Community

39. Canning Tomatoes

40. Canning

41. Aspectic Packaging

42. Popcorn

43. Hurdle Technology in Food Processing

44. Tea Stains

45. Turning up the heat on peppers

46. Solvent Extraction

47. A Tanzanian Snapshot

48. Cross-Contamination

49. Water in Tanzania

50. Time and Temperature

51. Floating Ice

52. Vitamin C

53. Freeze Drying